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During these unprecedented times with COVID-19, residents, customers, team members, and families are navigating a new normal. As a partner and proven leader in the industry, Unidine has developed innovative solutions for all those affected.

Explore Nutrition Narrative and Culinary Collective, to learn new meals and recipes, tips and tricks, and nutritional recommendations to support you during this time of change. Be sure to check back frequently for new and exciting content that you can utilize at home. For more information, please feel free to reach out at

Nutrition Narrative.

Unidine is committed to creating a healthy environment, founded in nutritious food for our clients’ residents, patients, guests, and staff. Backed by our team of expert nutritionists and dieticians, we’ve outlined key materials into an educational collection of valuable resources. We want to establish an honest and authentic experience that helps build your knowledge of what ingredients lead to healthier choices.


Culinary Collective.

Our executive chefs and registered dietitians worked together to create an exciting collection of modern recipes. An approach that focuses on transparency of ingredients, satisfying portions, and clarity in message supports mindful choices that become second nature. Resources include Kitchen Safety, Chef Tips & Tricks, and Live Healthy Recipes. Live Healthy is an approach that you can easily use at home.


Live Healthy by Unidine.

With so many wellness-focused influencers out there, it’s hard to know which ones hold value. That’s why we came up with a vetted list of Live Healthy’s favorite influencers. Every team member on this list believes that eating real, nutrition-packed food is the key to a person’s well-being.

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Food & Wellness Influencers.

Need some more health and wellness inspiration? Here are some of Live Healthy by Unidine’s favorite influencers.

Featured Influencers:

Dietitian Ellen