Behavioral Health

Elevate department performance through professional management.

Rebuilding patients’ physical and mental health.

We support long-term positive outcomes through fresh-from-scratch culinary programs and nutrition education.

Food and nutrition are fundamental tools that help your patients advance their lifelong recovery. With Unidine as your partner, your program benefits not only from our extensive experience in healthcare foodservice but also our deep understanding of the holistic approach to health and well-being.

Partner With Unidine

The amazing staff behind all of the fresh meals work hard and show their dedication to our community. They really focus on patient satisfaction, community leadership, and patient/employee health and wellness.

Director at a recovery treatment center

[They] go above and beyond the call of duty. We are very appreciative of how the staff takes care of us. They do an excellent job.

Director of Operations Administration at a behavioral health facility

I appreciate the delicious food because [the team members] do it all with a smile and are always so kind and wonderful every day.

A patient at a treatment center

Unidine’s commitment to our success continues to exceed our expectations. We consider them to be one of our most trusted and valued vendor partners.

CEO of addiction treatment facility

Gain accountability and elevate department performance.

Predictability is crucial to the success of your daily operations and requires experienced professional management. Through cost controls and cost avoidance processes, we work closely with your leadership to improve the financial performance of your foodservice department and maintain budgets through a guaranteed patient day rate.

A distinctive level of service.

Coreworks offers facility support services that exceed expectations and provide flexibility.

Every moment that your clientele spends in your environment contributes to their experience and overall satisfaction. We understand that image is everything and maintaining a clean, safe, and positive space goes hand-in-hand with helping them feel relaxed.

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