Our Culture

There’s more to working at Unidine than just the work.

Focused on our customers.

When you’re our customer, you are at the center of everything we do. It’s a hallmark of doing business with Unidine and one of our strong values that’s deeply ingrained in our culture and energized by every team member. 

We consciously keep our business nimble in order to flex to the changes and trends impacting your organization. It’s how we create responsive and innovative solutions that always put our customers’ experiences first.

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Hospitality is our driving force.

It’s more than just good customer service – it’s the heart of Unidine.

From our executives to hourly team members, and everyone in between, we possess a drive to make each experience you have with us feel phenomenal. Backed by our Diamond Service program, our teams are trained and empowered to go beyond simply fulfilling needs to create memorable experiences.

The team behind it all.

Our culture is known for being unique, and we recognize that our success comes entirely from our team members. Working at Unidine means diversity is valued, learning never ends, and success is rewarded. It’s an atmosphere where you can feel appreciated and challenged, all while enriching the lives of 65,000 customers a day.

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Living The Unidine Way

As the ethos of our company, it defines the way we work, the dedication we provide, and what our clients can expect from every team member. It keeps us grounded and ready to serve.

The Unidine Way is communicated to everyone and guides all dealings.
We make commitments we can live up to and do what we say we will.
We pay attention to details in everything.
We respect all team members, give them responsibilities, and empower them to grow.
We are all guided by honesty and integrity in everything we do.
There is a sense of urgency in all matters relating to customers. We respond to them and are driven by them.
We give all our effort, take risks, and make good mistakes not bad mistakes, and reward success.