Redefining healthcare dining experiences.

Supporting your patient care outcomes and boosting satisfaction.

Let us create an atmosphere of healing and comfort, aligned with your mission and values.

By leveraging hospitality service and the latest technologies, we optimize the performance of your foodservice department to create better experiences that meet patients’ needs at the bedside and impact your reputational scores.

Partner With Unidine

They always go above and beyond. I have just had very good experiences with Unidine since they’ve been here.

Administrative Director of Quality and Performance Improvement at a mid-size regional hospital

Unidine has been able to tailor its options to fit the patients’ needs. And it has really improved our patient experience scores as a result.

Chief Nursing Officer at an acute care community hospital

This whole partnership with Unidine has been a home run. It’s really helped us overall [to] boost staff morale [and] improve our food in our cafeteria. It kicked it up a notch.

Administrative Director of Patient and Family Experience at a community medical center

One of our goals during the design of [the] hospital was to create a destination of hope, healing, and wellness, and Unidine has been an exceptional partner for us in achieving that goal.

Executive Director of Operations at a not-for-profit community health system

Stand tall as a pillar of your community.

The power of great dining experiences can extend beyond your hospital and into your community. Whether it’s an on-site vegetable garden, modern retail experience, or partnership with your local farmers market, we put your patients, staff, and visitors at the center of everything we do.

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