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We never stop innovating. For us, innovation is a whole-body experience aimed at customizing a flexible experience for all who live and work in our communities. Whether we’re designing new venues, cooking new menus, launching a new wellness initiative or ways to better recognize our associates, something new is always on the horizon aimed at customizing, to keep things fresh and inspiring.

Residents have shown us that they’re anxious to modernize – so now’s the time to consider new and exciting capabilities that will boost your reputation and your customer experience. Unidine can make your hospitality programs future-facing by giving resident choices that allow them to eat when and where they’d like, and to easily shop for staples and convenience items.

Partner With Unidine

Maybe you’re facing a new challenge competitor. Or you’d like to re-engineer your contribution to the dining program. Could you reinvigorate your image with a new dining venue or community outreach program? These are the kinds of specialized questions our Hub team tackles every day.

Experience Boosters

You don’t need an army of marketers, designers, data scientists and sourcing specialists on your payroll.  We’ll pull in the specialists you need, just in time to address special business needs when they arise.

Managing Venue Demand

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Design Services.

Design Services are award-winning industry leaders and trend experts who can transform your venues, your experience and your reputation. Our understanding of the market and your community will inform your investment in exciting new venues that improve outcomes and attract tomorrow’s residents.

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