Senior Living

Dining that revolves around your residents’ lives, not the other way around.

Serving residents across the continuum of care.

Creating experiences for residents to feel at home.

Building an individualized solution that works for your senior living community starts with learning about your unique needs. It’s how we create customized hospitality experiences that can flex to align with your residents’ wishes. No matter their lifestyle, dietary needs, preferences, or level of care, you and your residents can count on us to provide a high level of attention, responsiveness, and distinctive service.

Partner With Unidine

Unidine is really helping us meet that resident-centered feel.

Assistant Executive Director and Administrator at a CCRC

We certainly don’t ever see ourselves as a ‘run of the mill’ community, serving average food to average people. We serve excellent food with excellent service to excellent people.

President and CEO of a non-profit continuing care retirement community

The [Unidine] team wants you and everybody else to be happy. Every day, everybody welcomes you when you walk in the door to the restaurant.

Independent Living resident at a CCRC

Part of the reason that we selected Unidine was their background and reputation in senior living dining and hospitality services, and we’re really happy to be able to partner with them.

Executive Director at a non-profit Life Plan community

Redefining hospitality.

Exceeding expectations every day.

We lead each interaction with a customer-centric mindset. Whether it’s remembering how a resident takes their morning coffee or celebrating a milestone anniversary with a replica of the wedding cake — it’s about making memorable moments.

Supporting health needs.

We tailor our offerings to residents’ evolving health needs across the continuum of care.

For residents with dietary restrictions and healthcare needs, we leverage our robust resources and technology with culinary artistry and clinical expertise to create dining programs tailored to their specific needs and designed to support clinical outcomes.

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Facility support services.

Create a genuine sense of comfort and pride by making every day a true hospitality experience.

We work closely with your leadership to customize our services to align with your facility’s brand standards by upholding and executing against key customer satisfaction drivers: efficiency, responsiveness, quality, and exceptional service.

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