Dining solutions built around you

Our singular focus is food and dining management services. By concentrating our business on crafting exceptional culinary experiences, we can leverage our strengths to provide truly customized solutions that are unique to the tastes, interests, and needs of your community. Menus, promotions, catering and other programs are designed to support your strategic objectives, while complementing the character of your organization. 

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Unique Dining Experiences

To make a program that is truly customized to your organization, we have to begin by understanding what flavors will excite our guests. Whether it’s comfort foods reminiscent of southern-style home cooking, metropolitan street-food favorites, or simply expanded salad bar fare, we’ll define the foundation for a dining destination that keeps guests coming back for more.

Customized Menus

Customized Dining Customized MenusYour dining program presents an opportunity to differentiate and elevate and reputation of your business. Unidine not only works with you to understand what flavors and meal selections are best suited to the members of your organization, but will craft menus based on the availability and seasonality of ingredients.

Fresh, local and regionally sourced ingredients

What makes our services so unique is the freshness of our ingredients.  We build our menus around what’s locally available and in season, not around supply chain agreements.  This approach is at the core of our business, and is fully supported by our procurement teams.  We work with suppliers like PRO*ACT who support our Fresh Food Pledge, buying from regional farmers and producers as often as possible. We don’t enter into agreements that require us to fulfill quantity quotas across our facilities or limit our ability to provide exceptional dining experiences.

Innovative Design

Customized Dining Innovative DesignOur in-house design teams are committed to providing innovative concepts that appeal to the unique tastes and style of your guests. Whether there is a simple need for an expanded salad bar or a complete redesign of the dining facility, each new space will offer a greater sense of community by encouraging guests to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with their peers.

Marketing at your Community

With the full support of our in-house design and marketing teams, you will have all the resources you need to create a dining destination that excites and engages your guests. We work directly with your facility to define the right messaging and visuals that will bring variety to your most regular customers, while answering the pricing, service and dining expectations of all guests.