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Unidine Thought Leadership:

Fresh Thinking, Culinary Excellence.

We are committed to diligently surveying the food and dining management landscape. In doing so we are developing forward thinking by way of analyzing our own data, by interpreting and understanding media developments, and by looking introspectively into our own innovation drivers. Here lies a collection of educational resources like White Papers, Case Studies, and PR Placements that may help guide your business. Read through our future thinking collateral below.

Resident Survey:

How One Operator Used “Hospitality Mentality” to Reach 100% Occupancy

A view into the collaborative partnership between Unidine and Waverly Heights.


Covid-19 Sentiment Report

A survey of independent living desirability & safety.

White Papers:

Senior Living Communal Dining in a COVID-19 Era

Consistent socialization, paired with full-support services, is unique to senior living communities.


Foodservice Sustainability Efforts Complicated by COVID-19

No large organization within food service and consumer-packaged goods can operate independently.


How Diversity and Inclusion Builds Better Organizations

The first step for organizations desiring to create a more inclusive culture is creating a Diversity and Inclusion Council.


Recipe for Recovery.

Providing nutritional knowledge and incorporating healthy eating habits into a holistic treatment approach.




Thought Leadership:

Outsourcing Food Service.

Outsourcing food service: a strategic benefit, delivering measurable value to your business.


Case Studies:

Fresh Food Pledge Delivers Savor.

The Arlington formed a relationship with Unidine in order to leverage the support of an experienced dining partner who could curate an unparalleled culinary and hospitality experience.


MyDine at South County Hospital.

The successful implementation of MyDine™, a technology-enabled in-room patient dining service, is one way that strategic dining partner Unidine is helping SCH to accomplish its goals.


A Genuine Taste of Home.

Nourishing, made-from-scratch meals that delight residents and patients are an essential element of A.G.Rhodes’ care, thanks to the Unidine partnership.

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

Unidine implemented fundamental changes to the dining and catering program at NGMC.


Disrupting the Status Quo

Senior living is an exciting hospitality frontier with dynamic food offerings, premier dining moments and exceptional service.


Strategies in Dining Excellence

Unidine’s approach to senior living can be boiled down to three words: family, excellence, and flexibility.

Video Testimonials:

Citizens Medical Center.

Appreciation from the client and Unidine team members at Citizens Healthcare Center in Victoria, TX.


Swift River.

Exceptional people working together to help people recover, eat well, and become their best selves.


Moorings Park.

Providing simply the best, facilities and services to our residents.


In the News:

County Hospital Improves Night Intakes with House-made Packaged Meals

The kitchen stocks refrigerators in nurses’ stations daily with fresh-made sandwiches, salads, parfaits and more.

Unidine Serves Healthcare Manufacturer During Ramped Up Production for COVID

With strategic changes to its foodservice protocol, Unidine is continuing to feed clients in essential industries.

How To Do It…. Strategic Dining Decisions. Our experts explain palatable decisions.

Dining experiences are among the ones seniors hold onto most dearly. Yet too often not enough thought is given to the details.


IFMA Recognizes Victoria Vega with Silver Plate Award.

Victoria Vega, for Unidine Corporation, has been selected as the 2020 IFMA Silver Plate recipient.

COVID-19 Resources:

Looking Up and Ahead.

A Proactive Approach for the Future of Senior Living Dining.


The Time is Now.

Reopening Senior Living Dining Safely & Strategically.


A Proactive Approach.

Looking Ahead at the Future of Healthcare Dining Programs.


Team Member Spotlight:

Team Member Video.

Thank you for continuously discovering new ways to make customers’ experiences with us exceptional. Through your actions our Team Member Commitment comes to life and is energized by all.

Team Member Video.

Our team has gone above and beyond to push through every obstacle, and to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, residents, patients and guests throughout this pandemic.

Team Member Video.

Thank you to our frontline team members,  for crafting exceptional customer experiences that continue to delight and engage our residents, patients and guests, you are exceptional.

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