How Does Your Business Impact The Community, Individuals, Or Families In General?

Many senior living dining providers take an ‘eat to live approach’ to food service. At Unidine, we partner with forward thinking organizations, who understand the value of food providing more than to satiate the pallet. Food is a vessel to improved health and supports resident experiences. A memorable dining experience plays a central role in the lives of our residents, as a key marker of satisfaction of the community.

Beyond a customized dining experience, the quality, and the variety of the food offered are key contributors to physical, and mental wellbeing. In this new age of a global pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure that residents are bolstered with nutrition that supports positive wellness outcomes. Eating a well-balanced diet influences increased physical condition, bone health, brain function, and the immune system.

Menus must be crafted to focus on customization, diversity of options, and clinical integrity. In doing so, one can ensure that residents are continually excited about their dining experience, and take confidence in their ability to have choice. To ensure wellness outcomes, our team of dietitians investigate nutrient rich recipes to ensure we provide the caloric, nutrient, and allergen requirements for our residents across the continuum of care.

Moreover, our fresh food pledge purposefully sources fresh, unprocessed, and in season food to ensure that we provide an invigorating experience with the highest nutritional value, and quality. This food first philosophy supports residents eating minimally processed ingredients, which are easier to digest, and deliver more nutritionally rich value.

 “I’ve always been impressed with our Fresh Food Pledge and our ability to showcase it in chef specials, culinary demonstrations, and community events. As a dietitian, I truly appreciate our fresh approach and know we are providing high quality nutrients and rich culinary flavors to best serve our residents!” Jenny Overly, Unidine Senior Director of Clinical Excellence & Wellness

A memorable dining experience, rooted in nutrition, supported by unwavering service excellence, is a turnkey in developing an engaged resident community.