Unidine Supports Healthcare Staff and Patients through COVID-19 Pandemic

With all of the changes throughout the country, Unidine has remained an active leader in mitigating disruptions to essential dining operations that keep our clients and customers safe. Unidine is committed to continuing dining operations without comprising our standards for quality food and one-of-a-kind hospitality. At one healthcare facility, our team baked “smile” cookies to surprise patients and bring a smile to their face. This included replica puree cookies for any patients with a texture modified diet. The power of this simple gesture proved just how contagious a smile can truly be. Our attention to detail and sense of urgency motivates our team to continue providing exceptional service throughout this pandemic and provide moments of joy—big and small.

This also applies to our healthcare professionals as we’re actively shifting our services to align with the needs of staff to meet and exceed their expectations. At several of our healthcare locations, we have implemented convenient, pre-portioned packaged meals designed to be enjoyed at home. We’ve also built pop-up convenience stores with sundry and other grocery items to lend a hand and simply try and make life a little easier wherever possible. Unidine is dedicated to supporting frontline heroes with quality dining that accommodates their fast-paced environment during this crucial time.

Hospitality isn’t just our business model – it’s the driving force behind all that we do. As the nation begins the slow transition towards a new state of existence, Unidine is ready to address future epidemics, should COVID-19 return. No matter the challenge, our teams will be ready to help you weather the storm.

Unidine is your partner, now and as we emerge from the crisis.