Unidine Launches New Website to Promote Healthy Living at Home during COVID-19

Each of us is learning how to live in unfamiliar territory. As a company, Unidine is no different – and we are evolving all aspects of our business to support clients and their customers today, tomorrow and beyond. We are excited to introduce our latest resource to support positive health and well-being: Live Healthy by Unidine. It’s time to reimagine new ways to stay healthy at home.

Whether working from home, feeding your family with limited options, or returning home late as a front-line or essential worker—one thing each of us can control is the food we eat and provide to our loved ones. Live Healthy by Unidine is your roadmap to leading a healthier lifestyle amid COVID-19, guided by our expert team of Executive Chefs and Registered Dietitians.

Learn how to stock your kitchen with staple items that lead to healthier cooking or review food safety basics you can share with children at home. Uncover ingredients swaps and wellness bites you can work into your diet. Explore all of these resources and more in an easy-to-read format—all accessible from the comfort of your home. Live Healthy focuses on sharing transparency of ingredients, offering satisfying portions, and delivering a clear message of health benefits. When you start to learn about what ingredients can lead to healthier choices, that knowledge becomes second nature and easily adapted in your lifestyle.

Learn what ingredients can boost your immune system, increase energy, and improve your mood through an insightful collection of:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
  • One pan meals
  • Easy-to-make health bites
  • Common superfood benefits
  • Chef demonstration videos
  • How-to guides
  • Kitchen hacks
  • Food-safety basics

Live Healthy also features culinary influencers guided by the belief that eating real, nutrition-packed food is the key to a person’s well-being. You’ll meet our Chief Culinary Officer, Christian Fischer, and our Senior Director of Nutrition, Sustainability, and Wellness, Ellen Lowre.

Explore how you can lead a healthier lifestyle, today at unidine.com/live-healthy.