Keeping Tradition Alive: Kosher Dining


Food and Tradition

Along with a rich heritage and many important traditions, food is an integral part of the Jewish faith. The term “kosher”  describes food that follows the strict dietary standards of kashrut, the traditional Jewish dietary law. These comprehensive laws outline which foods are allowed or forbidden, as well as how these foods must be produced, processed, and prepared. When it comes to kosher food service, maintaining the absolute highest level of dietary observance is crucial. It requires thorough experience, extensive knowledge, and expert culinary resources. When combined, these elements create the foundation for world-class dining experiences.


Leading with High Standards

Maintaining standards is a crucial element of kosher food service. Detailed documentation helps to record and ensure that dietary restrictions are observed. It is also extremely important to engage the culinary team with leaders within the Jewish community. It allows the team to stay current with the latest trends and practices from around the country. Another key aspect of standards is team training. Specific kosher training programs enable culinary teams to maintain quality and consistency while upholding dietary laws at the highest level.


Menus that Stand the Test of Time

Menus call for careful consideration and planning to follow the dietary practices prescribed by Judaism. For holidays, in particular, meal service calls for appropriate preparations that honor and celebrate the occasion. This requires the on-site foodservice management team within a Jewish community to engage with the rabbinic leadership. Doing so ensures authentic offerings, food preparation, and timely delivery. It makes a significant difference to the community members celebrating and makes the holiday a memorable one.


Client Testimonial

Here is our latest testimonial from a kosher client:

“I want to extend my appreciation to you and your staff. I heard an excellent report from our Mashgiach, who was there over Rosh Hashana Holiday. He was most complimentary on the level of cooperation of your staff and their adherence to STAR-K Kosher policies over the RH Holiday. He was pleased to report that no kosher-related questions nor challenges came up. This is a credit to you and your staff. That is why I continue to say that one can offer quality kosher food and customer service while, at the same time, adhering to the highest standards of kosher! Again, thank you very much for your continued partnership!”


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Learn about our kosher food service operations at the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale University.