Team Member Testimonial: “Working for a company that values their team members.”

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“Fresh food, empowering employees to grow, and making commitments to provide excellent service is what Unidine means to me.”

For over eighteen months, I have been working for a company that has allowed me to grow from within. The moment I was hired, I realized I was going to be working for a company that values their team members. I knew that because I applied for a Sous Chef position, but was given a higher role as a Chef Manager. Currently, I am supporting a hospital and am very proud to say we produce nothing but fresh plates of food for our patients.

Coming from a background of working in restaurants where everything is prepared with the freshest, seasonal ingredients, I was amazed to find that Unidine also represents that culture in an acute care setting. We make stocks from scratch, use only fresh ingredients-not frozen, utilize the entire product and only waste what is unusable.

From the time I was hired to present day, I have had more opportunities to achieve my career goals than I could ever ask for from a company. Unidine has allowed me to travel to other accounts to support and train other team members, given me the right tools in order to advance within the company and my career, and furthermore shows me that just because one works in a healthcare setting, food can still be fun and exciting in a healthcare setting.

At the hospital, we have an array of diets and food restrictions that if not executed correctly, can take away from the integrity of the food. Such as, mechanical diets where food can be chopped and even pureed with programs like “Puree with Purpose.” This program provides a procedure where guests with dysphagia are allowed to “dine with dignity” by enjoying meals with the same great flavors, aromas and appearance as their peers.

Lastly, I have recently been giving the liberty to transition into an Executive Chef position and am very excited to see what the future holds for me with Unidine.

Thomas R.
Griffin Hospital

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