Patient Testimonial: “Thank you so much for helping me!”

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In December 2016, I received a voice mail from Haley, an Outpatient Dietitian from Shore Medial Center. My primary doctor got in touch with Haley about getting me on a program to help me control my weight issues. I received several more phone messages from Haley and finally I decided to answer her call. She explained that I could meet with her and did not have to commit to anything, so I decided to meet.

At our first meeting, Haley was very understanding about my weight and my bad eating habits. She was very encouraging about how she could help me change the way I eat. I did need help losing weight so I thought what would it hurt if I listened to what she said to do. Haley explained that I needed to be honest with her and myself concerning what I eat. I agreed to commit to the program and to be honest with her.

The next thing she explained was to not be concerned so much about my weight, rather to be focused on what I eat. She explained that if I eat healthy the weight will come off. I had a very hard time with this statement. I had always worried about my weight. It took me several months later for it to sink in – it’s about eating healthy not my weight. Yes, I said several months later because I have been going to see Haley every month for a year. Each month she encourages me to stay on track with healthy eating. Haley works with me to develop a menu of what I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I always try to follow that menu and am very happy with the food on my menu.

It took me several months to realize Haley really cares about my health. I thought after several months of seeing her she was going to say “J, you do not have to see me anymore.” I was really worried because she has really helped me to eat better and the weight was coming off. Friends and family were telling me they can see I am losing weight. When I hear that, in my mind I think, I can do this on my own, but in my heart I know I can’t do this on my own, yet.

One month I lost 17 pounds. Haley told me this will not happen every time you get on the scale. The next month I lost only a few pounds. Haley could see I was not happy about this loss. Haley quickly reminded me I had lost weight, and again I need to focus on eating healthy, not the weight loss. She suggested I not look at the scale when I weigh in and she would tell me if I lost weight.

Weekly I send Haley my menu of what I have eaten and she will respond with words of encouragement, support and any suggestions as to where I could have made a better choice of what to eat. She always reminds me to eat the plate. She never gets mad and she is always happy to see me!!!

I have been seeing Haley for a year now and have lost over 60 pounds. My primary doctor has taken me off of 2 blood pressure medications and a cholesterol pill. I have gone from a shirt size of 6X to 3X. I feel so much better. Friends are amazed when they see me now and ask how I lost the weight. I tell them I did not do this by myself I had help from Haley, Outpatient Dietitian from Shore Medial Center. She can help you too.


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