Unidine Announces Cage-Free Egg Policy to Align With Fresh Food Pledge

Staff harvesting fresh eggs.

Unidine Corporation®, the fastest growing food and dining management services company in the country, announced today that it will adopt a 100 percent cage free egg purchasing policy, inclusive of shell eggs and liquid eggs, by 2020 or sooner. The commitment is in-line with the company’s Fresh Food Pledge and supported by the Humane Society of the United States, the nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization.

Unidine has been working diligently with suppliers to transition virtually all of its shell egg purchases to cage-free sources and has recently expanded its commitment to include liquid eggs.

“Unidine’s approach to procurement is managed within a framework of sustainable practices to ensure protection of natural resources and provide our client partners with the freshest and healthiest products available,” said Chris Stainton, vice president, supply chain. “This is a natural transition that we are pleased to embrace in keeping with our company’s Fresh Food Pledge.”

Unidine’s growth is directly linked to the company’s leadership in addressing increasing demand for fresh food in the food service management industry. Other elements of Unidine’s Fresh Food Pledge include commitments to provide meats that are all natural and free from growth hormones and antibiotics; diary products that are from rBST growth hormone free cows; and use of fresh seasonal, locally grown fruits and vegetables.

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