Customer Testimonial: “The cafeteria soon became a choice place for our meals.”

August 17, 2018

Hear from an appreciative customer who raves about one of our chef managers, Marcus, who helped transform the office’s standard cafeteria into the employees’ favorite place to relax and recharge over fresh food and great service.

I appreciate Marcus because Marcus is the best!

Before Marcus came to the 1111 Cafeteria, it was just a lackluster place to rush in, grab a drink – and maybe a sandwich, and go. But when Marcus came to 1111, the cafeteria soon became a choice place for our meals. I knew something had changed or gotten right when I saw people standing in line the first year that Marcus was here for the advertised Thanksgiving meal.

I looked forward to and longed for the next year’s Thanksgiving meal so that I too could stand in line and enjoy the holiday meal. It was great. I went back for seconds. Somehow, I told Marcus that I had looked forward to the Thanksgiving meal each year and he (and others) told me they have turkey dinners every Thursday. I and others now look forward to the turkey meals on Thursdays. Not too long ago. I heard two people talking about someone in their office who has arranged for Thursdays to be his non-telework day so that he can be here at work for the turkey meal.

Creative business team discussing while having meal in office

Marcus runs a first-rate shop that is complete with fresh foods, well-prepared foods, and excellent choices – and did I forget to include that the food is really good? People flock to the cafeteria at lunchtime which I did not see happen before Marcus took over the cafeteria. Marcus has brought about changes that have turned the 1111 Cafeteria into an excellent choice for convenient and good food.

Marcus is not alone in his diligent work for excellence; he has assembled a staff that shares his goal in food and cafeteria excellence. Day after day, this group provides excellence without excuse or apology. And they serve it up while being pleasant and cordial.

It is surprising to me that in his rush and hurrying to get things done, Marcus takes time to greet us and know our names. That means so much to me and countless others. None of the previous shop managers have taken the time to know my name.

On a scale of five stars with five being great and excellent for Chefs or Cafeteria Managers, Marcus Houston is 12 or 15 stars. He sets the standard high for chefs and Cafeteria Managers.

— Kyle I.