Healthcare Culinary Group Overview

Unidine’s Healthcare Culinary Group develops food and dining management programs with a focus on population health for patients, hospital employees and your community. By leveraging the expertise of our team members in nutrition, culinary, hospitality and education, we look to enhance more than just the dining experience at your hospital. Our holistic approach to dining services impacts all levels of your organization’s mission and strategy, making you a successful player in today’s evolving healthcare marketplace.

Learn more about our fresh approach to healthcare food and dining management services in the sections below.

The Unidine Way

What makes Unidine so unique is our fundamental approach to food and dining management services, or what we call “The Unidine Way”. Comprised of our vision, mission and values, The Unidine Way defines who we are and guides the actions of our Team Members. We are driven by the challenges of our dining partners and continue to develop our business to exceed their needs. Authenticity and creativity is at our core. It’s a powerful part of our culture that strengthens our team and benefits our partnerships each and every day.


Fresh Food

Our culinary standard is simple. As the first company to commit to fresh ingredients and scratch cooking, we know truly fresh food. We use ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible, building customized menus around what’s in season, not what’s preserved.

This means your employees, patients and guests won’t have to compromise when it comes to what they eat. Whether they are taking part in your in-room dining program or looking to enjoy a restaurant-style dining experience while visiting family or friends, we have designed our business to cater to their needs, delivering authentic dishes with flavors and aromas that create excitement with every meal.

Learn more about our commitment to fresh ingredients and scratch cooking.

Service Excellence

At the core of our business is the belief that the way we serve each dish is just as important as the meal itself. We will never sacrifice quality, as delivering unrivaled guest delight is our highest priority. We go the extra mile to learn what matters most to the members of your healthcare community; to respond, engage, and even surprise them. This is how we stay responsive to your needs and define what it means to exceed expectations.

From our line cooks to our CEO, we are all committed to living up to the promises we make. We ensure easy access to every member of our team to give you, as our partners, the comfort and peace of mind of knowing we all stand behind the future of your organization.

Learn more about how we will demonstrate service excellence at your facility.

Healthcare Service Excellence

Custom Dining Programs

Our singular focus is food and dining management services.  By concentrating our business on crafting exceptional culinary experiences, we can leverage our strengths to provide truly customized solutions that are unique to the tastes, interests, and needs of your patients, employees and guests.  Menus, patient education, in-room dining and other components of your dining program are designed to reinforce your commitment to population health, help you compete for top talent in the healthcare workforce, and position dining as a key element of your brand.

Learn more about how we design our dining programs around you.

Healthcare Custom Dining

Health & Wellness

Our expertise in clinical nutrition is one of our unique strengths. We go beyond fresh food to offer our partners a complete culinary network that supports their wellness strategies for improved population health.

As a critical component of our strategic approach to dining management, we put our full support behind improving the relationship between dining management and your healthcare community to help you realize both the short and long-term value of integrating dining into your care model.

Read more about how we improve health and wellness in your organization.

Healthcare Health and Wellness


We have built sustainable practices into our business not because we have to, but because it is an essential part of our culinary standards.

Our approach to sustainability begins with the desire to serve only the freshest, best-tasting ingredients. Our Fresh Food Pledge and Guest Commitment guide our environmentally responsible practice, while building relationships with local growers and suppliers to support your goals for sustainability. Not only do these efforts result in better tasting meals, but they help to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint, minimize waste, and reduce costs.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability, please read our Fresh Food Pledge.

Healthcare Sustainability

Population Health

We believe that fresh food provides a fundamental link between human interaction, wellness, and social responsibility. With a wealth of nutrition resources and culinary expertise at our disposal, we look to share our passion for food to benefit, educate, and excite those in your community. We join you in developing programs that improve population health by demonstrating the value of making healthy food choices, good nutrition, and developing their cooking skills.

Learn more about how we support your population health initiatives.

Healthcare Population Health

Strategic Dining Solutions

Hospital executives are faced with a challenging economic environment and a shifting healthcare landscape in which expectations are high, but resources are often stretched to their limits. As your strategic dining partner, Unidine will help you differentiate your brand and position your hospital as a leader in dining and nutrition programs that improve population health.

It’s an approach we call Lead With Dining. Developed through years of partnership experience with healthcare organizations, Lead With Dining successfully integrates nutrition and exceptional dining experiences into your strategic objectives to improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes, enhance community leadership, and improve employee health and wellness.

Learn more about the Lead With Dining model and how it will benefit your community.

We partnered with Unidine to create a dining program that reflected our commitment to the health and wellness of our entire community.

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