Dining Supports Occupancy Objectives

We are more than a dining provider for your community – we are committed to providing lasting value through holistic dining solutions that address the specific economic, social, and healthcare challenges facing your organization.

Beneath our dining program lies a proprietary, two-track strategy model developed from years of partnership experience with senior living and LTC communities. This approach successfully integrates nutrition and exceptional dining experiences into your care model to differentiate your brand and support your growth strategies.

Through our proprietary Lead With DiningSM model, each element of your dining program is customized to support the unique needs of your residents and community. We work with you to understand your business objectives and current operating standard to strengthen the connection between your nursing staff and dining operations. Unidine’s wellness and nutrition programs support your systems’ overall strategy to improve clinical outcomes and readmission rates, while creating an enhanced care model that strengthens your position with ACOs, health systems, and hospitals to deliver a continuum of care

Lead With Dining Basic


Your Dining Experience is Your Brand

As with any strategic objective and business undertaking, the first step in the Lead With Dining model is to build a foundation for your strategy. Lead With Dining is a journey that requires both vision and commitment. You must obtain buy-in from critical stakeholders, line up your resources, understand your goals, and establish guidelines for measurement, reporting and communication throughout the process.

Create Exceptional Dining Experiences

Residents of senior living and long-term care communities are not satisfied with dining programs that merely deliver food on a plate. They want dining to be the same central feature and unifying experience that it has been their entire lives. Your dining program is likely to generate more comments and feedback – negative or positive – than any other program in your community. It is also likely to be one of the top expense categories in your operation.

By incorporating elements such as community dinners and farmers markets at your community, or even including meals as part of facility tours, you will demonstrate that you understand the importance of dining to your residents and have taken steps to provide them with an exceptional dining experience.

Integrating Dining into the Care Model

The creation of an exceptional dining experience is just one track of our two-track strategy. Dining and nutrition services are critical and effective tools that should be integrated into your care model and occupancy strategy to improve clinical outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, and position your organization as an effective partner.


Positioning your organization for success is our ultimate goal. By following the steps defined by the Lead With Dining model, you will successfully integrating dining into your care model and create exceptional dining experiences. By using the criteria established at the beginning of the process, you will be able to benchmark and verify program success. Some of the measures to use as success indicators may include:

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