Clinical Nutrition Expertise

Unidine’s network of dietary and nutrition professionals is among the best in the business, employing over 160 registered dietitians. Through this network, we establish best practices to develop innovative programs designed from the resident, back. With extensive training and continuing education opportunities, you can be confident that your dining program is taking advantage of the latest in nutrition and dietary information.

Our nutritional expertise is one of our unique strengths.  We go beyond fresh food to offer our clients a holistic culinary network that supports wellness strategies for a more educated and healthful community. As a critical component toward realizing the benefits of the Lead with Dining model, we put our full support behind improving the collaboration between nursing and dining management to help you realize both the short and long-term value of integrating dining into your care model.

Continuous Improvement by Working Together

As Unidine’s experts in food and nutrition, our dietitians and chefs team up to find new ways to improve the quality and depth of our programs. This collaboration has led to many of our Signature Programs, including OH SO GOOD®, Fresh BenefitsSM,and the award-winning Puree with PurposeSM.

Our one-to-one approach to client partnerships also leads to best-practices that benefit the entire Unidine community. We work with our partners to improve their care models and position them as leaders in resident-centered care, elevating both the reputation and quality of their services.

OH SO GOOD® – Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

Unidine’s proprietary brand for healthy dining, includes kitchen-tested recipes built upon a foundation committed to quality of ingredients, portion control and nutrient rich foods that make it easy to eat better.

OH SO GOOD is founded on two pillars that are unique in the contract food service industry – Unidine’s Fresh Food Pledge and Stealth Health approach:

Unidine Fresh Food Pledge

Like all Unidine meals, each OH SO GOOD item starts with fresh, whole ingredients that are sourced locally when possible. Earning the distinction of OH SO GOOD requires fulfilling strict nutritional guidelines that help maintain the quality and culinary integrity of the program.

Stealth Health

Healthy menus are a balancing act: customers want the option of healthier eating, but they also want great taste. OH SO GOOD addresses this by taking a healthier approach to patrons’ favorite dishes – reducing salt, adding more produce, baking versus frying, adding nutrient rich foods, and providing healthier portions without necessarily promoting them as such. It’s a strategy that many refer to as stealth health.