Hospital Dining Programs Support Community Outreach and Population Health Initiatives

How do hospitals use their dining programs to support their community outreach and population health initiatives?

Healing gardens provide fresh herbs and vegetables for the kitchen. But they also serve as a platform for community involvement and serve as a peaceful refuge for patients, employees and hospital visitors.

Farmers’ markets connect the community with local artists and artisans and become a valuable teaching platform for educating the community about their food and good nutrition.

Healthy cooking shows and classes advance the hospital’s mission to improve population health. If your community needs assessment identified rising obesity rates, along with epidemic levels of diet- and nutrition-related disease and chronic conditions, these programs can contribute to your action plan and address the needs of your community.

Community events draw attention to important food, diet and nutrition issues, from sustainable farming and fisheries to cooking with fresh ingredients and eliminating salt and added sugar from diets.



Six Ways Hospitals Use Dining and Nutrition Programs for Community Outreach

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