Exceptional dining experiences begin with exceptional people

Our greatest opportunity to exceed expectations comes from doing what we say we will, and doing it well. It all begins with a team that is as dedicated to your business as you are, sharing their creativity, passion and expertise to redefine dining at your community.

Service Excellence 2We recruit and develop Team Members who uphold the highest standards for service excellence and hospitality to ensure that your satisfaction remains our highest priority. This is an approach shared by everyone at Unidine that resonates throughout every part of our business. We are as selective with our people as we are with our ingredients, allowing us to define the guest-centered experience by building the attentive and proactive teams you need managing your dining services.

Reggie and JenniferTo support these efforts, we foster a work environment in which diversity is valued, individual aspirations are fulfilled and learning never ends. Team Members explore The Unidine Way and industry best practices during “daily line-ups”, highlighting both recent accomplishments and areas for improvement by the team. Through additional personal and professional development opportunities, we provide the foundation for continuous innovation at your community and give your dining operators the opportunity to reach their potential.

But our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with dining operations – you will receive prompt and responsive service from every member in our organization. You are never more than a phone call away from one of the most accessible leadership teams in the industry, including our CEO.  By listening and actively responding to the needs of your business, we deliver a responsive dining program that lives up to each promise we make.