Unidine Farmer with VegetablesFresh Ingredients.
Scratch Cooking.
Culinary Creativity.

Our singular focus on food and dining management means we think outside the box, and the can, to continuously deliver truly exceptional culinary experiences that set a new standard in food and dining management.

Guest Commitment

Our culinary standard is simple. We believe exceptional people and fresh food are the key ingredients to creating memorable dining experiences.  This is our commitment to our guests.Guest Commitment Crisp

Our Fresh Food PledgeFresh Food Pledge

In a Unidine kitchen, you’ll find seasoned chefs crafting memorable dining experiences with only the freshest ingredients, scratch cooking, and culinary creativity. We believe each meal represents an opportunity to create something special, so you’ll never find pre-packaged meals, trans fats, or food from a can on your plate. The seasonality of our menus is another reflection of this vision, providing great flavor and nutrition through the use of fresh, local and regional products and ingredients. All Unidine team members sign our Fresh Food Pledge, which reflects this continued commitment to culinary integrity.


Scratch Cooking

All preparations for our recipes are done by hand, by seasoned chefs, in professional kitchens. We combine fresh ingredients and scratch cooking so our guests can experience the powerful flavors, colors and aromas that can only come from freshly prepared meals.  We will never deviate from these elements, which are essential to delivering Culinary Excellence.

Culinary Creativity

Our approach to food and dining management relies on the creativity, passion and expertise of our chefs. Our culinary teams are among the best in the industry and are given the freedom and tools to share their talents. By working with fresh ingredients in full kitchens, Unidine chefs create meals they can be proud of, with dining experiences our guests will look forward to enjoying each day.