Supporting Your Commitment to Quality Care and Population Health

We are more than a dining provider for your organization – we are committed to providing lasting value through holistic dining solutions that address the specific economic, social and healthcare challenges facing your facility. As your strategic dining partner, Unidine will help you differentiate your brand and position your hospital as a leader in dining and nutrition programs for patients, employees, and the community you serve.

It’s a strategy we call Lead With Dining. Developed through years of partnership experience with healthcare organizations and a commitment to continuous improvement, Lead With Dining is a holistic approach that leverages nutrition, culinary, hospitality and education resources to improve dining operations’ impact on your strategic objectives.

Our Lead With Dining model is uniquely designed to:


For patients, developing a relationship with their care provider, one that proactively responds to their needs, is critical when it comes to successful long-term outcomes. With tools like MyDine and our team Guest Service Representatives, you will be equipped with resources that provide personalized service, increased patient involvement and improved interaction between nursing, dining and the patient.


Our suite of Signature Programs supports existing health and wellness initiatives while providing new opportunities to display your continued commitment to employee happiness, health and well-being.

With nutritious and accessible on-the-go meal options through Fresh&Good, and wellness programs that combine great taste and healthy dining choices like OHSOGOOD, we are committed to helping position you hospital as an employer of choice by addressing the varied needs of your employees.  You will experience measurable improvements in program participation and revenue from this approach.


As the leader in health for your community, your hospital holds the unique position of guiding the local community in the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our extensive culinary and wellness resources will augment your community involvement through in-depth nutrition education and cooking demonstrations. Combined with a complete change to fresh food and scratch cooking, your facility will demonstrate an integrated approach that puts it at the forefront of nutrition and wellness.


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