We believe that fresh food provides a fundamental link between human interaction, wellness, and social responsibility. With a wealth of nutrition resources and culinary expertise at our disposal, we look to share our passion for food to benefit, educate, and excite those in your surrounding communities. We join our partners in developing programs that educate local communities on the value of making healthy food choices, understanding nutrition, and developing their cooking skills.

Farmers Markets

To truly appreciate the benefits the fresh food, you need to experience it first-hand. We utilize our extensive resources and networks to organize local farmers markets and support local producers, bringing fresh food and great taste closer to your community.

Chef Demonstrations

As one of our more engaging and popular community outreach initiatives, Unidine chef teams join local schools and community programs to demonstrate how easy it can be to make nutritious and delicious meals at home.

Wellness Seminars and Health Fairs

Our extensive network of dietitians and nutritionists serve as an excellent resource to educate the local community on the benefits of eating fresh foods and living a healthy lifestyle.  By working with local schools and community programs, we will help your organization lead by example and position itself as a frontrunner in health and wellness education.

Junior Chef Program

We get kids interested in cooking by getting them involved. This monthly program explores the benefits of fresh food and healthy eating with children ages 10-16 using hands-on demonstrations, cooking classes, and interactive sessions on nutrition and hygiene in the kitchen.

Community Meals­­­­­­­

Senior Suppers is a program designed to benefit the elderly in local communities. Every weekday, seniors in nearby communities can enjoy a healthy meal, educational programs and entertainment for just five dollars. The program has been so successful that a second seating was added and reservations are now required.