Resident Testimonial

September 2, 2018

Re: Maple Vista Food Staff

Thank you for providing good workers who furnish our meals three times a day. I have been especially impressed by Ethan. I have sat facing the food delivery area for a year, and Ethan has been very interesting to watch. He is well dressed, very efficient, and always knows where the multiple tools are. He knows most of our names and what most of us usually want.

“Hello, little lady,” he smiles and greets me as he starts dishing up my usual meal. He will provide special versions of food to anyone who asks. He’ll walk out with a special order to where the person sits. He’ll also suggest something better for me, but he never argues about anything.

When you are absent, Ethan also does an expert job of notifying the lunchroom about future activities. I can hear every word he says, even when he is leading our prayers. I have noticed how well Ethan works with other people, and how efficiently he stores safe packages of food. I just wanted to tell you.

Elaine G.