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Hospital dining programs are complex, and you deserve a partner that specializes in the multi-faceted challenges you face every day. Unidine has extensive expertise in food service management for hospitals, and our passion for food and dining management transforms organizations.

Our hospital dining programs support your patient centered approach to care and position patient dining, retail and community outreach programs to meet your objectives, boost patient and employee satisfaction and exceed your expectations.

Whether you specialize in acute care, behavioral health or rehabilitation, Unidine understands the special needs, requirements and budgetary pressures that hospitals like yours face. You benefit from our management expertise, sophisticated systems, proven processes and leveraged buying power when you partner with Unidine. We deliver consistent, high quality, cost effective dining programs and the most responsive client service in the industry. You will see - and taste - the difference from day one.

Contact Unidine to discover how our fresh approach to dining services will:

  • Increase patient satisfaction scores
  • Improve food quality
  • Control costs and boost retail revenue
  • Lift staff morale and pride in dining services throughout the hospital
  • Support objectives related to health, wellness, sustainability and community outreach


Unidine is different. At Unidine, it's all about you! Contact us today at 1.877.UNIDINE (864-3463) x4288, or

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In Room Dining
Transform the Patient Dining Experience

Unidine's in room dining model overcomes obstacles inherent in the room service dining model and provides additional benefits. In room dining is a more personal approach that offers the same choice and flexibility of meals and mealtime as room service, but scales better to small and medium-sized hospitals. It is often more efficient in facilities with challenging physical layouts, reduces waste and improves patient satisfaction scores.

Read more about in room dining in our Knowledge Center.