Richard Schenkel, President & CEO, Unidine Corporation

About Unidine

Greetings! I'd like to personally welcome you to Unidine. I founded Unidine in 2001 because I had a vision of what food and dining management in senior services and hospitals should be. Residents and patients in these facilities deserved fresh, delicious food, enhanced choices, greater flexibility and top notch service. To fulfill this vision, there needed to be a different kind of food and dining management company - one that blends culinary artistry, expertise in clinical nutrition, passion for service, strong management and infrastructure, and the flexibility to customize a dining program suited to the unique characteristics of each community that it serves. Unidine is the realization of that vision. It wasn't long until we were approached by corporations that wanted the same dining management philosophy, fresh food commitment, and health and wellness programs for their own organizations, so we expanded into business dining.

We attribute our success to consistent execution in three key areas: our exclusive focus on food and dining management services, our commitment to fresh food and culinary integrity, and our passion for excellent customer and client service. Most dining programs, whether self-operated or outsourced aspire to these ideals, but only Unidine has the experience, the resources and the commitment to deliver a consistent, reliable program every time.

Exclusive Focus

At Unidine, food and dining management is our only business. If you are focused on quality health care services, senior care or management of a corporate facility, it is unlikely that you also have the core competency, professional networks and infrastructure to deliver high quality, cost effective dining management services. But at Unidine, every resource, system, process and team member is focused on only one thing: delivering memorable dining experiences for our customers and clients in the most cost effective manner.

Fresh Food

You will see the difference in our commitment to fresh food and made-from-scratch cooking. Our kitchens are filled with fresh ingredients, not frozen or pre-packaged prepared food. We make our own soups and stocks. We roast our own meats. We season our meals with fresh herbs. We even prepare our own salad dressings. Our kitchens are staffed with true culinary professionals who know how to maximize the flavor and nutrition of these fresh ingredients. Just visit one of our kitchens and you will be amazed at the aromas, the colors, the flavors and the artful presentation.

A Passion to Serve

Unidine team members are passionate about food, but they are also passionate about service. In hospitals, senior communities and corporations across the country, we transform the dining experience with personal and attentive service, customized programs and attention to detail that is second to none.

The pages on this web site tell our story, and I invite you to explore. Learn about our Fresh Food Commitment and Excellent Service. Visit our Knowledge Center to read our white papers and case studies, view a webinar archive or watch a video clip. Read about The Unidine Way and the corporate culture that makes Unidine unique.

Then, if you want a dining management partner that treats you like your facility is always important, even after the sale, give me a call. You can call me directly at 1.877.UNIDINE (864-3463). I'll be happy to tell you more about Unidine.